Thank you so much for making sure this gift arrived before Christmas for my husband! He loved it and it is simply beautifully made!

Baglamas Greek handmade Eco4

Fast shipping arrived in playable condition, just needed to be tuned. Interesting little instrument. Been playing it most of the afternoon.

Wonderful Little instruments. My Greek husband loved it!! Very well made, very happy with the purchase. Will buy again for sure in the future!

Greek Baglamas handmade

thank you very much. A+++++++++++++

Bouzouki 8string handmade Eco1
This made a beautiful gift! Absolutely gorgeous instrument! And the shipping was incredibly quick. I highly recommend this shop. Thank you.

Baglamas Greek handmade Eco4
An amazing instrument for a really reasonable price. The steller was very quick to ship it and it arrived only a few days later. The Baglamas sounds really good, with a nice full sound. It's easy to play and even a beginner like me can get it to sound like music without much practice. It's light and compact which makes it easy to travel with, perfect for what I need it for.
If I ever need another I'll certainly buy from this seller again.

A wonderful musical instrument, beautiful craftsmanship. Single-piece solid wood body, good sound. Great praise for Antonios, both for the Baglamas and for great service. I had consulted with Antonios on which instrument would fit me specifically, and I followed on his recommendation, including a book to teach myself to play a greek Baglamas, which he kindly shipped to me. He also followed closely that I receive the parcel on time.
I attach a photo, showing cool picks he placed so beautifully in, and a bag that the Baglamas came with.
I am proud to have this instrument and I enjoy learning to play it. I expect to order more from this shop a few months from now.

Baglamas Greek handmade Eco.2 model
A very beautiful tzouras delivered safely in London within just 4 days. Antonis was readily available to reply to questions as necessary. Highly recommended.

Tzouras Greek handmade curved from one solid piece of Poplar.

Bought a beautiful 8 string Bouzouki here. Pegasus Music Store is a great shop where you will find craftsmanship, service, patience and kindness we are not used to anymore nowadays.
I can highly recommend to buy an instrument from this beautiful and professional store.
Wibo Drijfhout
Amsterdam area

Bouzouki 8string handmade Eco1
Absolutely beautiful! The craftsmanship is very well done just as the picture showed, and the strings felt very nice unlike most instruments I purchase online. The customer service was amazing and very helpful throughout my entire order. I have nothing bad to say about this purchase, and I would definitely recommend purchasing from here to anyone. There is a string missing in the picture I posted, but it is totally my fault. I got confused while watching a tuning video and tried tuning my 3rd string to the second string pitch and note. Luckily,I don't see that being a difficult fix with the extra set of strings I was given.
I'm very happy with this purchase!

Greek Bouzouki 8 string Advance.
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