Bouzouki Greek

Bouzouki is the most famous Greek traditional musical instrument.
Its origin is from Ancient Greece since it is considered the evolution of the ancient Greek 
It belongs to the Lute family. It is a stringed folk musical instrument, pear-shaped, 
initially with 3 double strings (6) tuned RE LA RE and later 
4 double strings (8) tuned RE LA FATO, and played with a plectrum. 
It was widespread among the Greeks of Asia Minor and after the Asia Minor catastrophe it
 reached Greece where the second half of the 19th century played a major 
role in the flourishing of rebetiko (not so much in the beginning but mainly later).
In 1935 we meet the first professional Rebetika company (2 bouzoukis, 1 guitar, 1 baglamas) 
with Markos Varkaris, Stratos Pagioumtzis Anestis Delias and George Batis.
Later Manolis Chiotis completely changed the logic and technique of the bouzouki. 
He had the idea to make it Electric, to add another pair of strings and to tune it to the 
logic of the guitar.
The new 4-string bouzouki with more possibilities did not conquer the whole of Greece and the
 hearts of the Greeks only, but became internationally known