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Hi! We are back home with my lovely instrument. It was fun meeting you and your sister on our last day in Athens. Mike so enjoyed talking wood and Pegasus with you.

Thank you.
17/02/2016, 13:42
Hello, Yasus

I bought a beautiful bouzouki from your store maybe one month ago. I was with my sister, we are from Sydney Australia, our father is Greek. Unfortunately I do not speak Greek, or write, so am writing in English, sorry.

Thank you again for your very kind and helpful service, and demonstrations in playing. It sounded fabulous, and am very eager to learn. Hopefully one day I will return to Greece. This trip we spent 2 weeks in Greece, only 3 days in Athens. It was my first time back for over 20 years.

All the best
05/02/2016, 13:38

I just wanted to let you know the baglama arrived yesterday in good shape.
I appreciate Vassilis's information and help in choosing one.
So, now, one of your instruments will be making music here in Denver, Colorado, near the Rocky Mountains.
I am happy that I stopped in your shop.

28/01/2016, 17:15
Last week I visited your shop with my girlfriend.
You showed your beautiful instruments and let my girlfriend play on a few. She had such a good time and couldn't stop talking about the bouzouki she tried. A wonderful one you made with the oliveoil can.
I'm back in Holland now, but I really would like to buy the bouzouki for her, she would be so happy!
Is it still for sale?
Would it be possible for me to buy this instrument?
I hope to hear soon from you.
Best regards,
12/01/2016, 22:33

The baglamas is great. Thank you for letting my wife come in and buy it for me!
I am beginning to play some Irish tunes on it! Also,Thank you for doing such a good deal for me.
My daughter love the baglamas too and she wants to buy one for his christmas present.
Thanks again
09/01/2016, 11:50
Hello! I am really enjoying the beautiful baglamas I bought at you shop a week ago, thanks and keep up the good work!

I'm only starting though, playing western/celtic stuff - it works mostly as a kind of mandolin for me (of its own kind, of course)

Thanks and best wishes!

04/01/2016, 15:45
Hi Pegasus,
I was recently in Athens and have just got home! I passed by your store and picked up a Baglamas over the summer and I wanted to say thank you! It's a brilliant piece and has been a lot of fun while I'm travelling.
08/11/2013, 14:45
You guys have the BEST customer service known to man!!! I have always been impressed with how fast you help us out!
08/11/2013, 14:44
You're the best! Thank you most graciously and appreciatively!