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I don't know a lot about string instruments, but yours is very pretty and sounds nice!

21/05/2021, 14:15
Good quality and arrived well packaged and on schedule. Very happy with this purchase.

12/05/2021, 14:14
Quick delivery.
16/04/2021, 14:11
This is a wonderful little instrument. The quality exceeded my expectations, and I am very pleased with my purchase. Antonio’s responded very quickly to my questions and was very helpful.

17/03/2021, 10:07
I appreciate the deal for a handmade Greek bouzouki. Basically you get what you pay for: the bouzouki has a decent tone. There are some quality issues: glue glopped on the pickguard, cracks in the pickguard, rough spots on the neck, etc.. But overall I'm satisfied for the price. If you're looking for a high-end bouzouki you need to spend more.

02/01/2021, 16:45

Thank you so much for making sure this gift arrived before Christmas for my husband! He loved it and it is simply beautifully made!

Baglamas Greek handmade Eco4
28/12/2020, 16:24

Fast shipping arrived in playable condition, just needed to be tuned. Interesting little instrument. Been playing it most of the afternoon.

26/12/2020, 16:46

Wonderful Little instruments. My Greek husband loved it!! Very well made, very happy with the purchase. Will buy again for sure in the future!

Greek Baglamas handmade
26/12/2020, 16:29

thank you very much. A+++++++++++++

Bouzouki 8string handmade Eco1
24/12/2020, 16:48
This made a beautiful gift! Absolutely gorgeous instrument! And the shipping was incredibly quick. I highly recommend this shop. Thank you.

Baglamas Greek handmade Eco4