Baglamas Greek

The baglamas is a Greek traditional musical instrument. 
It is essentially a miniature of the three-string Bouzouki with the same tuning 
(RE LA RE per pair of strings), played with a plectrum and belongs to the family of Lute . 
It has a sharp characteristic sound and it is tune an octave higher than the bouzouki. 
It is mainly made in 2 ways.
 Carved from a piece of wood that we carve it out to create the speaker, 
or with lines of wood where the speaker is pear-shaped and consists of thin wooden surfaces 
which are glued together like the bouzouki, the mandolin, the lute, etc. musical instruments.
Its very small size is due to the ban on these musical instruments both in the early 20th century. 
This way the organists could easily hide them in their coats and carry them around .